Your Problems Made Into Solutions.

We are professionals who have served the Ottawa Area since 2006. Together, we strive to give you the help and support you deserve for a fraction of the cost of big shot organizations. We take each request personally and we are committed to fulfill them. We set the right expectations and we're here to listen. We appreciate it when you give us feedback, and we're always happy to grow. And for these reasons, our clients and our partners have trust in us.

Residential Support Made Affordable.

We work for you, on site. Let us perform repairs at the best pricing around. The 21-day guarantee policy included on most of our services gives you security and peace of mind. Visit our "For Home" page for a listing of all of our services, including In-Home Training—exclusive to netEkert Solutions.

IT Solutions for Your Business.

Are you a client with business needs? Then you've come to the right place! We are pleased to offer technical support for your small/medium business or organization. Visit our "Business" page, a page dedicated to providing you with an exceptional list of services we offer to run your business efficiently. We offer start-up services for social marketing campaigns as well. From website publishing and custom software to technical support and business-class repairs, count on us to deliver.

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