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  • Virus Removal
  • Unexpected popups? Computer slowing you down? Your computer may have caught a cold...

    At netEkert Solutions we are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive virus and spyware removal solutions. We believe that using freeware virus applications just doesn't cut it.

    We use only industry-leading tools and software to disinfect your computer from malicious software (malware) and to keep it protected against future attacks from virtually any type of threat.

    Virus Scan (only)
    Virus Scan + Removal
    Install Anti-Virus
    Install Firewall
  • Mobile Technical Support
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    Cracked screen? Not loading? Want to get more out of your mobile device? Let our trained professional lead the way so you can fall in love with your devices all over again.

    Screen Replacement
    Hardware Repair
    Update Software
    Install Software
  • PC and Mac Repairs
  • Nothing on your computer screen? Hearing that awful grinding sound? It's always necessary to have an efficient and working system. When your computer doesn't agree, have us fix it for you fast and right. With services to fix problems like failed hard drives, blue screens, systems not booting and more, trust us to give you affordable support.

    Screen Replacement
    System Errors
    Computer Diagnostic
    Network Troubleshooting
  • Data Recovery
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    Losing mission critical data can be terrifying. At netEkert Solutions, we are one of a mere handful of companies worldwide that specialize in the restoration and retrieval of computer data. Our specialists can recover data from virtually any medium.

    Before you do ANYTHING, call us. We can help. Our "No data, no charge" policy ensures that you are protected from surprises at all times.

    File Recovery from Hard Drive
    Hard Drive Not Responding
    File Transfer
    Backup Solutions
  • System Tune Ups
  • Computer running slow? Once registered for our "Tune-up" & "Speed-up" services, our technicians will immediately help to improve your computer's performance so that it runs faster.

    We will remove any cluttering files from your computer, update existing anti-spyware and anti-virus software, and wipe all unnecessary programs and files to enhance your computers performance.

    Basic - Temp files, Registry, Windows Update
    Premium Clean - Software, File Cleanup and Windows Update
    RAM Installation
    Hard Drive Speed Up - Diagnostic and Defragmentation
    Computer Interior and Exterior Cleaning
  • Network and Internet
  • Not getting the best Wifi range out of your Wireless Network? We can run diagnostics across your entire house and help you configure your Wireless or Wired Network.

    Need advice on what Internet Service to choose? We know it all! We provide assistance with Rogers, Bell Fibe, TekSaavy, and a few other providers. We can help install your new Internet service and help save you money.

    Internet Service Installation
    Complete Wifi Setup
    Wired Network Installation
    Wifi Range Boost
    Network Troubleshooting
  • Hardware Installation
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    netEkert Solutions has the experience and expertise to install a wide range of hardware devices in Desktop, Laptop, and Notebook computers. While computer hardware configuration varies greatly, we work with four general categories of hardware: desktop computers, laptops, servers and computer clusters. We also install and repair a range of peripherals.

    Laptop Hardware
    Desktop Hardware
    Printer/Scanner Setup
  • Software Installation
  • No matter what software you want for your system, we can handle it. We welcome any opportunity to take the frustration of installation out of your hands and into ours. From there, we will make sure your computer is running the best it possibly can, offering a wide range of upgrade solutions for any make or model. We also install select operating systems, including Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

    Microsoft Office
    Operating System
    Drivers and System Update
    Other Software
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